PhD Thesis Writing

PhD thesis writing is neither easy nor simple. It’s the end of a big and challenging journey. To mark this journey, you need to prove yourself as a worthy academic in the field you chose and studied for. If that’s not enough pressure for you, the length of the thesis PhD students have to write will surely be.

Your PhD thesis paper will, without any doubt, be the biggest and most demanding academic piece you have written. It makes for a frenzy of tasks and activities that don’t just require you to research other people’s work and share your conclusions. A PhD thesis has to be your own research, helped with a literature review and performed in a period of months, not hours or days.

Sounds challenging? Well, we guess you know now why most PhD students ask for our PhD thesis writing help.

What is a PhD Thesis

A thesis for PhD level is the final piece of academic work a student has to submit. It’s his ticket to the world of academics, the piece that will be accessible to others in the same field, people you might work for and work with, or inspire to repeat your research or use your findings.

It’s a very big burden and yet, an achievement every PhD student should have. You’ve studied so hard to get here and this is your proof that you did well. But, after spending so much time on studies, being asked to write another, harder piece of content than anything you’ve written – it can be too much. This is why peers of yours often call us and ask for PhD thesis help.

PhD Thesis Writing Tips

Writing a PhD thesis is a very challenging process, but it can be done significantly faster and easier if you know the right steps to doing it. These tips won’t help you write a dissertation in a day, but it’s the process of experts that allows for minimal errors and the least need for editing possible.

  • Don’t focus on order, details and mistakes right away

It’s the lengthiest piece of work, a PhD dissertation. Therefore, if you spend your time focusing on the shape, format, details, errors, or the organization – you are doomed. You’ll spend months on it without getting the chance to write your words on paper. You’ll lose your thoughts in the process and probably make it more confusing because of it.

Believe in yourself and let yourself write without stopping. The greatest pieces are based on a lot of editing, and so should your dissertation. And since actual people will be reading it, they’ll expect the actual thoughts of a person. If you want to make it more understandable and appealing, don’t focus on anything else but your thoughts at first.

  • Use the outline for the first draft

Since you have arrived to a point where you’re about to get a PhD in something, you probably know already that outlines are essential. For a paper of such length and importance, outline isn’t just a tool to help you – it’s a necessity. You’ll need an outline to organize all the research since there will be plenty of it, as well as to follow the very strict rules that come with a dissertation structure.

Use the outline for the very first draft. This way, you can use your thoughts to fill in the gaps of the outline and eliminate the risk of mixing things up or failing the order. Organization is much easier when you already have an outline to follow.

  • Rework the draft

You can’t afford to make mistakes with this assignment, so you’ll probably have to rewrite it a dozen times. It’s also very lengthy, so you’ll probably lose your focus after a while. Take breaks and get back to the beginning to rework every draft, over and over again. The thesis is perfect when you can’t find a single flaw in it.

  • Inject your own flare

Even though this is an academic work of a high-level student, it shouldn’t be purely academic. You’re now a part of the academic community and as an academic, you need to give your work a sparkle of your own. Play with adverbs and adjectives, add your own perspective into it, and simply give your thesis a unique flare.

  • Find others to help

A good thesis can’t just be focused on research performed by others. There’s a section in it called a ‘literature review’, but that’s the only spot in your thesis that should speak of other people’s work. Sure, you can compare and refer to it later, but the base of your thesis must be your own work.

To perform that work, you need the help of others. You’ll have to talk to experts, look for advice, and continuously consult with the mentor.

  • Know the requirements

Every university has its strict standards for PhD thesis. Find out what this is and make sure that your thesis fits those standards. When you’re editing the first draft, focus on the referencing style and the formatting. Don’t allow yourself to miss a citation from the paper and forget to put it in the bibliography. Plagiarism is a serious thing, especially now that you’ve reached so highly in your academic career.

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