Persuasive Speech

Persuasive speech essays aren’t easy to write. When you have to make a speech in front of an audience, you have to create a great one to truly impress. Even if you are an amazing public speaker, you won’t really impress and persuade unless you have a persuasive speech essay ready.

For those who have stage fright and don’t really want to speak in front of others, this is even more frustrating. They have to prepare to stand in front of others and speak and, without an informative speech essay, they are simply doomed to fail the test.

As a student, you’ll have the task to do this at least once. In fact, now that presentations are so important, you might have to prepare a speech very often. When that time comes, you need the best service to prepare you on your side.

How to Get Started with a Persuasive Speech Essay

In most cases where students get to speak in front of an audience, they get a topic or a part of the material to present to their peers. But, in some cases, you’ll have to select the topic on your own.

This is why the starting point of writing a persuasive speech is the topic selection. For an essay to be both persuasive and informative, it has to be on a hot topic, one that sparks some controversy. Otherwise, you can make the speech informative, but you can’t really make it persuasive.

Therefore, the starting point of writing informative speech essays that are also persuasive and interesting is to know what topic to choose. To do so, you must have a good understanding of the background and knowledge of your audience, as well as their familiarity with a topic. Perception is everything in a speech and it will determine your way with words, your word play, as well as your approach.

Tips for Writing Persuasive Speech Essays

There are a couple of things you can do to write a good persuasive speech. Of course, once you’re done with these tips, you’ll have to go through the preparation process and test your speech in front of others, time yourself while speaking, and find the best ways to present it to your audience.

First things first – let’s discuss some tips for persuasive speech writing.

  • Choose an interesting topic

You want the audience to discuss your speech long after you’re done, or remember it after you’ve presented it. For this to happen, your topic needs to be interesting and possibly, controversial.

  • Do your research

Every good essay needs research. This is emphasized when you’re the one to share the information, which is why you need to be well acquainted with the selected topic. Therefore, you need to do your research before getting to writing. When you’re done with it, you should know all sides of the topics, as well as the cons and pros.

  • Research the audience

Good research for a persuasive speech does not only require that you know the topic, but the audience, too. Knowing a bit about your audience can make your speech very successful, while knowing too little can ruin your success with them. If you have some background information about the audience, you can create interesting jokes or choose a good way to present them with new information. Also, you need to know their perspective to appeal to them with your speech.

  • Keep them interested

People’s attention span is very short. To keep them interested, you need to make your text appealing, filled with hooks and interesting statistics, use props and body language, etc. Most importantly, you must show your enthusiasm about the topic. Otherwise, you can’t expect them to be enthusiastic or happy about it, either.

  • Come up with a good greeting

Before you start with your hooks, jokes or questions, you must greet the audience. Never forget this. Find the best way to greet the audience you’re speaking to based on who they are and what you’re presenting.

  • Introduce a solution

Don’t just present them with information after information. The speech can’t just pile up new information and overwhelm the audience. Before you begin sharing the content of your essay, add an introduction to your speech. Tell them what your speech will deliver or provide with them. Introduce a solution to a problem.

  • Don’t say too much

A speech that lasts too long is never truly heard, no matter how entertaining or knowledgeable you are. Remember that the attention span of your listeners will not last forever, which is why you must present them with the key ideas in a very short timeframe.

Use transition statements to connect your main points, but don’t go too deep. You can discuss these with the audience once you’ve piqued their interest.

  • Summarize it shortly

A summary of a speech essay needs to summarize the argument and the points you made, but not in a repetitive manner. Don’t waste your short speech on telling the same things twice. Reword them and finish off with a call to action. A good speech can easily result in a discussion or questions from your audience.

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