Personal Statement

A personal statement can serve different purposes. You might need it for university or as part of your resume. Whatever use it has, the goal is always the same – to sell the writer and demonstrate his abilities.

This is harder than writing a resume, CV, or a cover letter. It’s also harder than writing an essay or a research paper. Why? Because the personal statement is so limited in size, you literally have to fit everything in one statement. As you can assume, this is exactly why most ask our company for personal statements help.

What Can a Personal Statement Writing Service Do for You?

For a personal statement to really help you achieve your intended goal, it has to make you stand out. This means that the personal statement must be well-written, properly formatted and edited, but most importantly – relevant to the application and the thing you’re applying for.

If you haven’t written a personal statement before, and you probably haven’t, getting some personal statement writing help is the best choice you can make. There are many personal statement writing services that offer such assistance, so all that’s left for you is find and hire the best one.

A great personal statement writing service will help you stand out and impress with a single statement. If it is an affordable one, you can literally guarantee your success by paying a small amount in return for professional help on personal statement.

What Do Personal Statement Writing Services Offer?

A personal statement is part of a CV or a university application. It’s the first section, a summary included in the CV. This summary must be personal and provide the prospective employer with information that makes you stand apart from all other candidates.

In university applications, a personal statement is longer and much more detailed. This type of personal statement demands a lot of attention and carefully crafted summary of your best skills and abilities. Ideally, the personal statement should convince the reader that you deserve a spot at the university.

As you can see, even though personal statements are small, they have a huge impact on your life and your future. Because of it, you can’t afford to make a mistake or write a bad statement just because you lack the experience to do this right.

That’s what a service can do for you – help with a personal statement and ensure that you have the most important part of the application ready. With quality help personal statement, you get a better chance to impress an employer or admission board.

Step Help on a Personal Statement

Personal statements aren’t a part of the ordinary educational curriculum, which means that you won’t often get to write them. These aren’t essays or research papers. In fact, they don’t even resemble any of the academic papers. A personal statement is exactly what it says – a statement that is short, concise, and very convincing.

Here is a step-by-step guide that will show you what the process of writing a statement is like:

  • Stick to the requested length

Most CV personal statements are around 150 words long. Statements for university can be longer, but still, not too long. In most cases, the university where you want to enroll will share requirements about the length. Make sure you know this and follow it. You wouldn’t want to be rejected because your statement was too long or because you failed to check a single requirement.

  • Put the three essential elements in it

A personal statement combines three essential elements, always. When you write it, you need to answer these questions:

  1. Who am I?
  2. What is it that I offer or plan to offer?
  3. What are my education/career goals?

Have this list handy when you write and check the personal statement. If there isn’t an answer to each of these questions, you have to revise it. These are the three essential features of every personal statement, regardless of its purpose.

  • Start by introducing yourself

A personal statement is short, which means that you have to get to the point right away. A quick and concise introduction is always the best option. However, don’t be afraid to make your introduction interesting and enticing. After all, the personal statement should impress and stand out. A too generic or plain statement won’t get you anywhere.

  • Be consistent with the tense

There isn’t a rule as to what tense you should choose in a personal statement. But, whatever you choose, you need to be consistent with it. Seeing how short personal statements are, mixing different tenses can only confuse the reader and ruin your odds at leaving an excellent impression.

  • Tailor each statement

If the goal of a student is to apply to more universities, they have to write as many personal statements. Why? Because a personal statement isn’t a one-fits-all. It has to be focused and tailored. It is, of course, natural to tweak the existing one and take the essentials to use in every next statement you write. However, after you answer the question ‘who am I’, everything else has to be impressive to the specific reader you write it for.

Hire an Experience Statement Writer to Help You

A great personal statement can do one of two things – help or break your chances to get accepted to the university or job position you are attempting to get. Because of the lack of experience in personal statement writing all students experience, it is always best to leave this into the experienced hands of someone who knows how personal statements are written.

This is why you need our assistance. In our big team, we have people who have written hundreds of personal statements, all tailored specifically to the university or job position the customers wished to get. With that experience and the information you provide, we can write a very successful statement for you, too. All you have to do is ask.