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Writing is an exhausting and frustrating feat. Even if you do it for pleasure and actually like being assigned custom essays writing tasks, you won’t always like the deadline or the instructions, or feel like writing an essay. But, as a student, you don’t really get a say in how often instructors give you a custom essay task or what deadline they choose for it.

There are also those students with very bad writing skills. These students can’t really articulate their thoughts on paper, at least not as impressively as their instructors expect them too. In the essay writing craze the educational system seems to have fallen into, instructors no longer stop to consider that not everyone likes writing.

Writing is something you develop with practice, but since it is requested so often, you can easily run out of ideas for writing. You can lose motivation, face limited access to research data, or have too much to do and no time to write. The latter is one of the constant issues of most students. On top of studying and attending classes, there are also plenty of custom essay writing tasks to finish in a very short timeframe.

What Happens If You Can’t Write Your Custom Essay?

So, what happens to those students who can’t write their custom essays in time? Well, these students either miss the deadline and fail the subject, or they hire a custom essay writing service and order the essay online.

Each and every one of these reasons creates a need for custom essay writing services, which is why the number of these services is bigger and bigger every day.

Types of Custom Essays

In the past, there were only four big essay types. Now, these are categories and there are dozens of sub-categories under them. In order to get a high grade for one, you need to know how to write that specific type. Here are some short guidelines:

  • Expository essay

An expository essay has a goal of informing the readers about the subject. They shouldn’t convince or persuade, but present the information. The nature of this essay type is to define and explain by using statistics, examples, and facts.

This is one of the four major categories. Some of the sub-categories that exist today include the compare and contrast essays, the how to essays, as well as the cause and effect essays. None of these essay types should be based on emotions and feelings. Instead, they must be based on facts and cannot be written in the first person.

  • Descriptive essay

Descriptive essays paint pictures by using words. When a student is asked to write an essay of this kind, he has to do so in a way that it will provide the reader with a picture of the place, person, and object. When reading the essay, the reader must be able to visualize and understand it all.

Therefore, a descriptive essay needs to be deep and communicate some meaning with the help of sensory details and colorful wording. Its results must be appealing and evocative.

  • Narrative essay

Most students mistake descriptive with narrative essays but, in fact, the two are major essay categories that are quite different in nature. A narrative essay speaks of real-life experiences and prompts the student to write about his own memories, thoughts, or life.

Yes, the narrative essay is also descriptive in nature, but the idea of these essays is to make a statement and present a personal story.

  • Persuasive essay

The name says it all – this essay needs to persuade. In order to persuade, the essay must use data and proof that will convince a reader to accept the author’s point of view. The essay must be based on logic and on facts instead of just opinions and emotions.

In addition to different essay types, you should also pay attention to the different essay formats. Check the instructions to learn which of the four major formats for essays is requested in your essay. These formats are: APA, MLA, Chicago, and the Harvard formatting style.

The Five-Paragraph Rule of Custom Essay Writing

Before you start with the custom essay, you need to check the introduction. Base your writing on those introduction because otherwise, you’ll probably do some errors and veer off your topic, which would cause you to lose even more time than you had to in the first place.

Upon making a topic choice and performing research, you’ll have to actually start writing. Whatever essay you’re writing, you’ll need to follow the five-paragraph rule.

This rule states that an essay must contain an introduction, a minimum of three body paragraphs, and a conclusion.

The introduction of the essay must contain a hook, some background information, and a thesis statement. The body paragraphs have to contain the main arguments or point, all linked together and presented in an organized manner. Finally, the conclusion has to summarize the key points, rephrase the thesis statement, and end the essay. Depending on the type of essay you’re writing, you’ll have to tweak your approach to follow the specific guidelines.

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